Baby Gard Sadly Passed Away

Charlie Gard, the child who has been the center of legal controversies and has impressed a whole world, died on Friday, said a representative of his family. 11 months old Charlie died in a care center where he was sent by a court order from the UK High Court. He suffered from an extremely rare genetic condition that causes progressive brain damage and muscle weakness . His parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, fought a long fight with Great Ormond Street Hospital, so they can be allowed to take their child in the United States for treatment. On Monday, however, they announced that they had dropped the trial after the doctor said it was too late for the little one.

In a statement issued Friday night, Charlie’s mother, Connie Yates said that their beautiful boy is gone and they are so proud of Charlie.

Thursday she announced that they were denied the ‘last wish’, to spend more time with him after a High Court judge decided that he would be moved to a care center and that the life support machines that kept him alive would be stopped. The couple wanted to take their son to the United States for nucleoside bypass therapy, but the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s specialists said the treatment was experimental and that Charlie would have suffered irreversible brain damage. 

The couple fought in court for five months, but the judges from the High Court, the Supreme Court and the European Court agreed with the doctors and determined that the treatment would not be in Charlie's benefit. Charlie's situation caught the attention of Pope Francis and US President, Donald Trump. After the decision of the European Court of Human Rights was pronounced, the Pope said he was following the case with affection and sadness. He conveyed that he prays for them hoping that their desire to take care of their child to the end would not be ignored.                                       

The American president also expressed his support saying if he can help #CharlieGard, just like their UK friends and the Pope, he would be happy to do it.

While they were paying their tribute to their son after the legal appeal, the two parents described him as an ‘absolute warrior’. On Monday, Chris Gard affirmed that mom and dad love Charlie so much, that they have always loved him and will always do it. He also said that they are sorry they could not save him. They had the chance, but they were not allowed to give him this chance. Following the news of Charlie's death, US Vice President Mike Pence felt sad to hear about Charlie Gard's death. He also sent condolences to his parents in this difficult period.

    Brianna Tailor

    Brianna works in marketing. She lives in Philadelphia.